Wooden Sunglasses - What's the best style for you?

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Have you been thinking of getting yourself a pair of wooden sunglasses? You’ve been noticing your friend’s totally killing it in the cool department and you know it’s all because of their stylish wooden sunglasses. You’ve looked online and noticed there are so many styles to choose from and you just don’t know which to go with. We’re here to help. Here’s a helpful guide to picking the right wooden sunglasses for you.


First, you will need to know the shape of your face. There are four basic shapes to faces. There is round, oval, square or heart shaped. You may look in the mirror and decide which shape best fits you.


If your face is round, you will want to go with a frame that adds structure and that counterbalances the roundness of your face. You will want to look for angular sunglasses such as rectangular, oversized or Wayfarer type frames would accent your shape the best.


If your face is square, you will want to pick a frame that will soften your angles. You may want to choose a frame that has softer lines or even rimless.


If you have a heart shaped face where your forehead is wider and it comes down to it being narrow at the bottom of your jaw, then a wider frame would be best for you. Cat Eye and Wayfarer style of sunglasses would be best for the heart shaped face because it is wider at the top than the bottom.


Oval shaped faces look best in round or square frames. You will want to pay close attention to the size of the frames to make sure they are proportionate to your face.


If you’re still not sure what type of wooden sunglasses is best for you, our most popular and more traditional style is the Wayfarer. They’re the most popular for all face shapes. 

3 Comment(s)

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