Top 5 Wooden Sunglasses

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Wooden sunglasses became a trend in the past three years and it looks like it's here to stay. Some would say that it's because of how they look and feel when wearing them, but we believe it has a lot to do with them being environmentally friendly. When wearing them, they actually fit better to your face and don't fall like other plastic and wired sunglasses. 


We've compiled a list of your favorite wooden sunglasses on our site according to your views. likes and orders. We really hope you enjoy this list. We'd love your input on your favorite sunglasses. Tag us on any of our social platforms with your favorite wooden shades and why you love them so. 


1. Aiken Ebony Wood Collection - Wayfarer Round Series - Beach Tint


Our Aiken wooden sunglasses collection is our most popular in price and the way they look. The darker wood really sets these apart in their uniqueness. People are sure to notice you as a fashion trendsetter and will be asking you where you purchased these so they can look as good as you. Our favorite is the beach tint on the darker wood. These are tinted in a beautiful blue-green color that can appear at once depending on how the sun is hitting them. They are popular among women and men alike and at $49.99, they're an affordable luxury item.


2. Allegra Bamboo Collection - Wayfarer Round Series - Beach Tint


Our Allegra Bamboo series is very popular for it's lighter color and round design. This design has a classic, retro look and is simple at it's best. Our most popular tint, the beach tint, is our favorite with this color because it combines with the bamboo color to take you to the beach. Their comfort is exceptional in design and gives you the feel of wearing nothing at all. This series is also unisex and ver affordable at $49.99 as well. 


3. Mountain Bamboo Collection - Skateboarder Series - Lights Out Tint



Our most popular skater series is our Mountain Bamboo and are dark in design like our ebony. This series has a unique square design that adds to its coolness factor. Dudes that know how to land some a radical nightmare flip with ease are the ones stepping out in these wooden sunglasses. You can see them coming. Our midnight tint only adds to its mysterious vibe. Again, these are unisex sunglasses and at $59.99, they're a steal. 


4. Aria Bamboo Collection - Cat Eye Round Series - Beach Tint



Our Aria series is glamor at it's best. The round and beautiful design will spice up any outfit when you hit the streets. Whether you're wearing jeans or your favorite black evening dress, you're sure to be the one everyone is looking at. They're sure to boost your confidence or make you feel even more enchanting than you already do. Our beach tint is our favorite in this series, as well. It's summer, so it's expected. These sunglasses are $24.99. Anyone can afford to be glamorous with this series.


5. Brandy Floral Collection - Cat Eye Series - Sky Tint


Our Brandy Floral series is popular among the women that like a little flair of color in their lives. These retro cat eye style sunglasses get their unique look from bamboo frames with sky blue tinted lenses. light-weight and durable, these one-of-a-kind retro sunglasses provide an exceptionally comfortable fit. They have unique stainless-steel, double-spring hinges designed to keep their shape year after year.


All of our sunglasses are top of the line and made to fit with comfort and style. We ship all of our sunglasses worldwide for FREE. 

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